Our fresh Australian Apples

All for 100% Aussie apples.

You don’t need to go far for fresh, Australian apples. Our Aussie first supplier policy keeps us committed to sourcing from local farmers whenever we can. And we really mean it. 97% of our fresh produce range is Australian grown.

Check out these crunchy facts about our Aussie apple growers.

Where are ALDI's apples grown in Australia?

From the rolling hills of Batlow in NSW to the dense forests of Manjimup in WA, our fresh apples migrate from all over Australia. We’ll always source ours as local to your store as possible. They may well be grown just down the road from you!

Meet the man behind our Aussie apples: Tim Nethersole.

Geoffrey Thompson’s orchards are located around Shepparton at the heart of the Goulburn River Valley region in Victoria. Tim Nethersole has been the ALDI account manager for many years over which they have enjoyed a long partnership with ALDI. Tim explains when they first began supplying in 2002 they could have delivered their daily orders in the back of a ute. Now they supply ALDI Victoria and NSW with more than 2 truckloads most days equating to around 6,000 tonnes of Apples and Pears to ALDI annually.

Australian apple varieties

With over 11 varieties grown in Australia, there’s an apple for every mood. There are tart, green Granny Smiths for baking. Crispy Pink Lady apples make great afternoon snacks. And sweet Royal Gala apples for everything else.

How to choose good apples

Your apple should be firm to touch with no soft or discoloured patches.

How to keep apples fresh

To keep your apples fresh and crunchy, store them in your fridge’s crisper. Or, wrap each apple in newspaper and keep in a fruit bowl. Which seems weird, but it works.

Are apples healthy?

Apples aren’t just tasty, they’re healthy too. As well as having one of the highest antioxidant levels of the most popular fruits, they’re high in fibre and important nutrients.

Why do apples float?

Did you know apples float in water because around 25% of their volume is air? Delicious, crisp air.

What are some popular apple recipes?

Apples are so much more than a simple lunchbox snack! From pies to salads, check out our favourite apple recipes below.