Fresh Aussie Asparagus

Putting the Aussie in asparagus

At ALDI, we pride ourselves on sourcing the tastiest Aussie produce. So when you get your hands on our fresh Aus-paragus, you know you’re enjoying the best our local growers have to offer.

Meet our local Aus-paragus experts.  

Grown across 1000 acres of rich Victorian soil, Motta Produce has been supplying ALDI with fresh Aussie asparagus since 2018. A third-generation farm, they pride themselves on having the best quality asparagus around – and we’d have to agree! That’s why we buy about 150 tonnes of local asparagus from Motta each growing season.

Versatile Shmersatile.

Our asparagus knows how to be the star of any show. Bake, blanch, fry or even serve raw in a salad.

Fresh and fabulous.

Keep your stalks fresh by placing them upright in a jar and storing them in the fridge.

Speedy sprouters.

Sit back and watch asparagus grow in real time. Take a seat and watch a crop grow up to 2cm in one hour!

Squeaky stalks.

When rubbed together, fresh stalks should squeak.