Fresh Aussie Avocados

‘Ave a better day with an Aussie avo

What tastier way to start the day than with a fresh avocado, grown just down the road. You’ll find these 100% Aussie avos around year round with Hass’ in season from May to February, and Shepard’s from March to April.

Meet our avo aficionados.

With 5 generations on the land, Blakers avocados is very much a family-run business. Their 111-year-old farms are located in Manjimup, WA. Since 2016, Blakers has been proudly partnering with ALDI to get the freshest avocados in Aussie mouths.

Blakers commitment and dedication to providing Aussies with creamy, nutty avos remains at the core of what they do, and they intend on keeping ALDI families happy for many more years to come.

"Over the last two years we supplied over 805,000 avocados to ALDI across all states. We are proud of that and our achievements, and look forward to our future with ALDI."


Do test for ripeness by gently pressing on the stem. If it gives, prepare and enjoy.


Don’t store me in an open container as I will brown quickly!

Colour-changing champs.

Hass avos will darken to a purple/black when ripe and ready to enjoy.

Ripen in a rush.

Place your avo in a brown paper bag with an apple or banana for a day or two to speed up the ripening process.