Fresh Aussie Blueberries

Get your super berries from ALDI.

Mmm... fresh, Aussie Blueberries. You can enjoy them in all their blueness year round from your local ALDI.

True blue-berries.

Our berries are as Aussie as they get. We get ours from patches all over Australia. Including Geraldton in WA, Tumbarumba in NSW, Bundaberg and Artherton in QLD. We charge low prices because it’s who we are.

Blueberries grown by Oz Group Co-op.

For over 10 years, the Rupdip team have supplied fresh blueberries to ALDI through OZ Group Co-op. They began growing bananas on their home farm in Korora before moving to blueberries in the Coffs region. This area is a sub-tropical micro climate with very high rainfall in the summer months. Warm winters and early Spring temperatures help the ripening of blueberries.

Bloom is good.

Look for dry, plump blueberries with a hazy coating called bloom (a naturally-occurring sunscreen). Give shrivelled and bloomless blueberries a miss.

Best serve chilled.

Blueberries taste their best when chilled and should only be rinsed with cool water before eating.

Blueberries TLC.

Keep your berries in tip top shape by keeping them in their punnet and in a cool, dry place.

The super snack.

Packed with antioxidants, blueberries are the perfect sweet snack for kids and adults alike.