Our fresh Aussie Broccoli migration

100% of our Broccoli is grown right here in Australia.

It’s because of our Aussie first supplier policy, committing us to buy fresh produce from Aussie farmers, whenever possible. In fact, 97% of our entire fresh produce range comes from Australian farms. It’s just another reason why you should eat your greens.

Get your head around these interesting broccoli facts:

Where do they migrate from?

From farms in the Lockyer Valley in QLD and the Werribee region in VIC. Just like other supermarkets, our stuff comes from all over Australia. The big difference isn’t the produce, it’s the ALDI prices.

Meet Joseph Fragapane.

Farming is in Joseph’s blood. He embraced the farming life from a young age, learning the vital skills from his father and grandfather. Located in Werribee South, Fragapane Farms grows broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and other leafy greens. Werribee South is one of the pioneer vegetable production regions in Australia, with rich alluvial soil close to Melbourne’s iconic Port Phillip Bay. ALDI has played a big part in the growth of Fragapane Farms, with close collaboration and innovation being hallmarks of the relationship. 

Super broccoli.

Available all year round, this delicious and versatile veg is always a winner for family dinners.

Making your broccoli go the distance.

Choose broccoli which has a heavy head and deep, green colour. Store in your fridge’s crisper.

Get the most from your broccoli.

When raw, their crispness is great in salads. Roasting broccoli releases even more flavour and gives the leaves a satisfying crispness.

The food of gladiators.

Broccoli farming stems all the way to the Roman Empire, nearly 2,000 years ago. The broccoli we see today is a result of breeding wild cabbages. If it can fuel the gladiators, it can fuel your family.