Our fresh Aussie Brussels Sprouts

All our Brussels sprouts are grown right here in Australia.

Nothing tops the taste of fresh, homegrown Brussels sprouts. That’s why at ALDI, we have an Aussie-first supplier policy, ensuring we get our sprouts from Australian farms. In fact, 97% of our fresh produce is Australian grown.

Where do we get our Brussels sprouts?

Don’t be fooled by our low prices. We get our Brussels sprouts from the same regions as the other supermarkets. Like Mt Barker in SA, the Yarra Ranges in VIC and Carabooda in WA.

Meet Leigh Samwell.

Leigh inherited his love of farming Brussels sprouts from his father, Ray, who started Eastbrook Farms in 1949. Eastbrook’s main farm is at Mt Barker, 40km east of Adelaide. Their other farm is located 20km from Mt Barker at Langhorne Creek. Having two farms in different geographical regions allows them to grow Brussels sprouts almost all year long. Lucky us!

Leigh loves growing and eating Brussels sprouts for their health benefits. They’re packed with important nutrients and taste great steamed, buttered and peppered.

"I enjoy working with ALDI in providing large quantities of good quality fresh Brussels sprouts to customers who enjoy eating them."

Choose your sprouts.

Always look for firm, heavy sprouts.

How do they taste?

When properly cooked, Brussels sprouts have a sweet, nutty and smoky flavour.

How to cook Brussels sprouts?

Brussels sprouts are super versatile. Roast them, stir fry them, boil them, sauté, or even microwave or steam them. For a delicious winter side dish, you can pan fry Brussels sprouts with butter, maple syrup and bacon (see pack for recipe). Mmmmm.

Storing your sprouts.

Keep ‘em cool.  Refrigerate your sprouts at below 4°C.

Did you know?

Brussels sprouts are part of the cabbage family. The edible part is actually the bud that grows off the stem. These sprouts are like tiny cute little cabbages.