Our fresh Aussie Butternut Pumpkin

100% Aussie Butternut Pumpkins.

If you love homegrown Butternut Pumpkin, you’ve come to the right place. Because all our Butternut Pumpkin is grown right here, in Australia. In fact, 97% of our fresh produce is Australian grown!

Where are they really from?

Our Butternut Pumpkins come from the same pumpkin patches other supermarkets get theirs from. Like the Lockyer Valley in QLD and Carnarvon in WA. We just charge lower prices because we can.

Meet the Barden Produce team.

Since 2000, ALDI have sourced fresh Kent and Butternut pumpkins from the Barden Produce team. Barden Produce have several farms across NSW, QLD and Tasmania. This allows them to grow a more diverse range of produce throughout the year. The pumpkins we source from the team is grown in the fertile Lockyer Valley, Queensland. On average, the team provide ALDI with up to two semi-trailers worth of fresh produce a day!


Picking the perfect Butternut Pumpkin.

Look for pumpkins with a solid golden-brown colour. A little scratching is normal.

What’s the Butternut difference?

These pear-shaped pumpkins are sweeter, denser and drier compared to other varieties. Their drier flesh makes it better for grilling on the BBQ.

How to cook Butternut Pumpkin?

Use a sharp knife or vegetable peeler to remove the skin and cut into pieces. Or bake with the skin on (it softens when cooked). They can also be steamed, mashed, sautéed, baked or fried – go wild.

Storing your Butternuts.

Keep whole pumpkins in a cool, dark place for up to two months. Once cut, remove seeds, cover and store in the fridge for up to one week.

Did you know?

Butternut Pumpkins are related to squash, cucumbers and melons. Every part of it is edible, from the skin to the seeds. Even the flowers on the vine.