Fresh Aussie Capsicum

Go crazy for Aussie capsicum.

Head in store to get your hands on 100% Aussie (red) green and gold. Hailing from regions across QLD, WA and even SA, Australia’s diverse climate means you can enjoy these succulent and sweet ‘sicums all year round.

Where do our capsicums come from?

Our capsicums are grown all over the country, in the best growing regions of Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.


Pick capsicums with a firm, brightly-coloured, shiny skin and dark green stem. 

Sweet as.

Capsicums are sweet, they’re good for slicing and dicing, for roasting, pickling and just about everything. 

Four points even sweeter.

Capsicums with three points on the bottom are male, and the ones with four points are female and are usually a little bit sweeter.

Out for winter, in for summer.

Capsicums can last. In winter, you can just store them out in the fruit bowl. In summer, put them in the fridge and they could last a few weeks.

Richest in Vitamin C.

Think Vitamin Capsicum – because capsicums are one of the richest dietary sources of Vitamin C. They’re also extremely high in Vitamin A, B6 and K.