Our fresh Aussie Cauliflower

Fresh 100% Aussie grown cauliflower.

Supporting local growers is important to ALDI. That’s why we have an Aussie-first supplier policy, ensuring local farms are the first place we go for fresh produce.

Where does our cauliflower come from?

Our cauliflower is as Aussie as it gets. We get ours from the same farms as other supermarkets, like Gingin in rural WA. We charge ALDI prices, because it’s who we are.

Meet Andrew Bogdanich.

Farming is in Andrew and his brother Michael’s blood. As third generation growers, their father taught them all aspects of farming. In the 1980’s, Andrew remembers waking up at midnight to harvest lettuce on their Gingin farm with his Dad under gas lanterns to ensure produce was freshly cut for markets before dawn. Bogdanich Farms have supplied ALDI with fresh broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, baby cos lettuce and iceberg lettuce since 2016 when ALDI first launched in WA.

Mind the head.

Look for cauliflower with white heads that are tightly packed. Don’t be put off by all the leaves. These are kept on in store to help protect the cauliflower heads.

Mix up your cooking.

Cauliflower’s flavour and texture makes it super versatile. Roast and serve as a big, chunky steak. Shred as a rice substitute. Slice thinly for a white salad. Add to pasta. Blend as a base for hearty soups. Yum!

How do I keep my cauliflower fresh?

Refrigerate in your crisper drawer loosely wrapped in a plastic bag.