Our fresh Aussie Cherry migration

Cherishing 100% Aussie grown during summer

Aussie cherries are here and ripe for the picking! Head in store to get your hands on Aussie cherries fresh from regions and states across Down Under.

Sweet and tarty cherries.

Sourced fresh from Aussie farms across regions in Victoria, NSW and Tasmania, Koala have been busy supplying ALDI with cherries for the past few years. Because their cherries are grown in different locations, they harvest up to 40 different varieties of across the season! So each week when you’re buying our cherries, it’s likely you are buying different varieties.  

Ripe for the picking. 

Patience is a virtue when it comes to cherry picking as the fruit won’t ripen after harvest.

The perfect pick. 

 Look for mahogany or dark-coloured cherries that are glossy with bright green stems.

Cherishing fresh. 

Keep your cherries fresh by leaving them in their original bag or punnet and storing in the fridge.

How fruitful. 

Every single Australian cherry at ALDI is hand picked. That's correct, EVERY. SINGLE ONE!'