Our fresh Australian Chicken

Our fresh Australian Chicken

You don’t need to visit a butcher for fresh, Australian chicken. ALDI’s Aussie first supplier policy means 100% of our fresh meat is Australian grown. Putting all our eggs in one basket not only supports local growers, it keeps our quality high and prices low.

Check out these chooky facts below:

Chickens can fly!

Though, not very far. That’s where we come in, to help them migrate all over the country. Our fresh chooks come from the same farms as the other supermarkets, including the Hunter Valley region in NSW, the Barossa region in SA, Mount Cotton in QLD and more.

Choosing your chook.

Choose the right cut for your recipes. Chicken breasts are great grilled for salads. Thighs are perfect for slow cooking. Wings are great roasted in the oven.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

The correct answer is “to get to the other side”, as published in 1847. However, we think the answer “because it was a free range chicken” has a nicer ring to it.