If anyone knows fresh eggs, it’s the Farm Pride team.

Farm Pride originally began as the Victorian Egg Marketing Board in 1937, meaning they have over 83 years experience in suppling fresh eggs. Their hens in Victoria and New South Wales, lay over 7 million eggs per week! Farm Pride have been supplying fresh eggs to Aldi for over 12 years.

Check out some egg-citing facts:

Peel egg shells like a pro.

When hard boiling an egg, choose an older one towards the best before date. The older eggs come away from the shell while cooking, making it easier to peel. Rolling the egg under your palm on the bench first will also help peel the shell away cleanly. Easy!

What are the best eggs for poaching?

Fresh, large sized eggs (600g) work best for poaching as the whites are firm and will stay together in the pot when cooking.

Do hens lay eggs every day?

Hens lay between 5-6 eggs per week. Hens never stop laying so need to be checked on everyday.

Before cooking with eggs, try this hack.

Be sure to take them out of the fridge first. At room temperature, yolks break more easily. This lets them mix more evenly with the egg whites and other ingredients.