Our fresh Aussie Figs

We’re for Aussie figs.

We love homegrown produce as much as you do. That’s why we have our Aussie-first supplier policy, ensuring local farms are the first place we go for fresh produce. Figs aren’t grown in Australia year-round and are only available in store from February to April. So, grab some while you can.

Where do our figs come from?

Our figs come from the same farms in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA as other supermarkets. The growing regions for our figs include Goulburn Valley VIC, Dareton NSW, Bundaberg QLD, Childers QLD, Gol Gol NSW, Gingin WA, Bindoon WA, Adelaide Hills SA, and Kyabram VIC.

What to look for in a fig?

Look for figs that are clean and dry with dark purple to green skin.

How to fig?

Sweet and luscious figs are packed with flavour. Serve as is. On a cheese board with a soft cheese drizzled in honey. Turn into a jam. Slice into a salad or lightly grill on the BBQ to turn up the sweetness.

Keeping figs fresher for longer.

Refrigerate in a resealable plastic container.