Fresh Herbs

Easy homegrown herbs

Growing your own herbs can be tricky. That’s why ALDI stocks fresh locally grown chilli, dill, chives, coriander, parsley, mint, basil, chilli, jalapeno chilli and birdseye chilli year-round.

Freshly grown in Aussie herb farms

We get our fresh herbs from farms all over Australia. Like Peats Ridge in NSW. We just charge ALDI prices because it’s who we are.

Fresh herbs from Vista Farms.

Located near the Central Coast of NSW, Vista Farms grows six herb varieties, focusing on hydroponic basil. This means growing basil in water with nutrients. Growing hydroponically help water efficiency as they use only 10% of the water it takes to grow the same crop in soil.

We’ve sourced fresh herbs from Vista Farms since 2019. Herbs are picked and packed fresh daily to order. This helps keep them as fresh as possible for ALDI shoppers. Lucky us.

Facts about herbs

The brighter, the better.

Look for herbs with bright coloured leaves.

How to store fresh herbs

Store basil at room temperature. Store all other herbs in your fridge.

What to do with fresh herbs?

Fresh herbs may be small but they pack serious bite. Use them in small or large amounts to add flavour or garnish food. Chop or blend and add to any dish! They’re also great in salads or used as a garnish. Check out our popular recipes using herbs below for more inspiration.