Our fresh Australian Lamb

Our fresh Australian Lamb

You don’t need to visit a butcher for your favourite Aussie cuts. Thanks to our Aussie first supplier policy, 100% of our fresh meat is proudly Australian grown.

Read some interesting lamb facts below:

Herding it together.

From Tamworth in NSW to Lobethal in SA, we herd our lambs from all over Australia. We get our lambs from the same pastures as other supermarkets, they’re just sold at an ALDI price because we can!

Meet the Thomas family.

The Thomas family has been farmers for generations, with a deep respect for the land. With farms located in South Australia, they supply ALDI a full range of fresh and marinated lamb products.

Spring lamb.

Whilst lamb is available all year round, there’s an abundance available in spring, from farmers having larger flocks in winter when there’s more grass for feed.

Making the cut.

Choosing the right cut of lamb meat is a must. Tender chops are perfect for BBQing or slow braising. Slow cooking for lamb shanks and roasting for legs.

Freezing and defrosting lamb.

The safest way to defrost lamb is in the fridge. If you are short on time, microwave on the appropriate setting. Trim fat before freezing. Mince, strips and thin steaks will keep 2-3 months frozen. Roasts and vacuum-sealed meat will keep 4-6 months frozen.

Did Mary have a little lamb?

This nursery rhyme is true. The lamb belonged to Mary Sawyer in 1806 and really did follow her everywhere – even to school one day.