Our fresh Australian Beef

Our fresh Australian Beef

ALDI’s Aussie first supplier policy keeps us committed to sourcing produce from local growers. That’s why 100% of our entire fresh beef meat range is Australian grown. It’s from the same farms as other supermarkets, we just sell at our ALDI price. Bulls-eye!

Check out these beefy facts:

Same paddocks. Lower price.

Our fresh porterhouse steaks migrate from farms all over Australia. There’s New England in NSW and Southern QLD just to name a few. Don’t be fooled by our low prices. Our cattle grazes on the same paddocks as the other supermarkets. We just charge ALDI prices.

What are porterhouse steaks like?

Porterhouse steaks are lean, tender, rich in flavour and extremely juicy. For best results, grill or pan fry, only cooking on each side once.

How to thaw frozen steaks?

The best way is by popping them in the fridge until defrosted. If you’re short on time, use your microwave on the appropriate setting.

Did you know?

Cows can walk up a flight of stairs but can’t walk down because of the way their knees bend?