Our fresh Aussie Grapes

Aussie grown grapes are our pick of the bunch.

We love fresh, juicy Aussie grapes. That’s why during the Australian grape growing season  (November to June), we only source ours from local growers. It’s just part of our Aussie-first supplier policy, and why 97% of our fresh fruit and veg is Australian grown.

Where do our grapes come from?

Our white, red and black grapes come from the same vineyards as other supermarkets. Like Mildura in VIC. We just sell them at ALDI prices.

Meet the Just Grapes team.

If anyone knows how to grow great grapes, it’s the Just Grapes team. For almost 9 years, we’ve sourced red, white and black table grapes from their vineyards. Located on the Murray River in Robinvale, VIC, the farm’s arid temperate climate provides perfect growing conditions for table grapes. It’s claimed that grapes grown in this area have a distinct, sweet taste found only in this part of the world. 

Choosing the perfect bunch.

Look for grapes with green stems and firm, plump clusters. Silvery coatings on grapes is a naturally occurring bloom. It protects grapes from moisture loss and keeps them fresher for longer.

How to grape?

Add to your next cheeseboard. Serve in a salad. Freeze for an icy cold snack. Or use as an ice substitute and natural sweetener in drinks.

Storing tips.

Keep stored in your fridge’s crisper to preserve freshness. Store in original packaging, with the grapes on the vine and only wash when you’re ready to eat.