The story behind our Australian Lettuce

100% local lettuce

We love supporting Aussie farmers. That’s why we pride ourselves on our Aussie supplier's first policies which sees us supporting local lettuce growers across the country. 

Meet our lettuce mogul.

Hailing from a strong lineage of leafy green extraordinaires, farming is certainly in Joseph’s blood. Working closely with ALDI, this lettuce mogul supplies us with over 10 million heads of lettuce every year! Located in Werribee South, Fragapene Farms is situated in the heart of a pioneering vegetable production region that is known for its rich alluvial soil.

Fun Berg facts

Lettuce fun facts

How do you pick lettuce?

Go for a brightly coloured lettuce with medium to light green leaves and a firm, crisp head.

How to best store lettuce in the fridge

Keep heads refrigerated in your vegetable crisper in its original packaging for ultimate hydration and crispiness.

How long does lettuce last in the fridge?

Keep your lettuce away from apples, bananas, or any other ethylene-emitting fruits as they cause your heads to ripen quicker, leading to decay.

Is lettuce good for you?

Lettuce contains about 7 calories per one-cup serving.

What are some lettuce recipes that I should try?

Although iceberg lettuce is typically used as a base in salads, there are lettuce recipes that allow you to get a bit more creative with the leafy classic. Check out our top lettuce recipe picks below.