Fresh Aussie Imperial Mandarins

Imperial Mandarins. A fancy name, for a fancy fruit.

Imperial Mandarins are the first variety to be picked when mandarin season comes to town. Which is around about April. Since we get ours from local farmers, you’ll find them at your local ALDI very quickly.

Where do our Imperial Mandarins come from?

ALDI’s low prices don’t reflect taste or quality. Our Imperial Mandarins are grown locally in Mundubberra and Gayndah, Queensland.

Tim Teague, our man for mandarins.

Well, one of our men (and women) for mandarins. Tim is the farming ops manager of Red Rich Fruits in Gayndah. Which is one of the main growing regions for Aussie mandarins. The warm climate and rainfall, combined with easy access to water and alluvial sandy loam soil, make the area perfect for producing a range of good quality, juicy citrus fruits such as mandarins and lemons. Red Rich Fruits’ three orchards grow more than 2.27 million tonnes of Aussie mandarins for ALDI every year. That’s a lot of Aussie mandarins in a lot of Aussie mouths!

The perfect snack for young and old.

With sweet flesh and easy-to-peel skin, Imperial Mandarins are a great, healthy treat to pack in your young one’s lunchbox. But you might want to save them for yourself.

A true Aussie love story.

It’s thought that Imperials are a hybrid of other mandarin varieties that met by chance in Emu Plains, New South Wales, way back in 1890. Lucky us!

Put that peel to use.

The eternal question…what to do with all that peel? Well, you can dehydrate it and use in a variety of recipes. They go great on cheese plates, in chocolate, soup and tea.