Our fresh Aussie Kent Pumpkin

Kents from Aussie pumpkin patches.

Want homegrown Kent Pumpkins but don’t have a green thumb? Get yours from ALDI. Our Aussie-first supplier policy means we’ll always source fresh produce from local growers whenever possible.

Where do our Kent Pumpkins come from?

We get our Kent Pumpkins from Aussie pumpkin patches in regions like Kununurra in WA and the Riverina Region in NSW. They’re from the same farms as other supermarkets, we just charge ALDI prices.

Meet the Barden Produce team.

Since 2000, ALDI have sourced fresh Kent and Butternut pumpkins from the Barden Produce team. Barden Produce have several farms across NSW, QLD and Tasmania. This allows them to grow a more diverse range of produce throughout the year. The pumpkins we source from the team is grown in the fertile Lockyer Valley, Queensland. On average, the team provide ALDI with up to two semi-trailers worth of fresh produce a day!

Picking the perfect pumpkin.

Choose Kent Pumpkins with a thick, hard skin and bright orange flesh. A little scratching is A-OK.

Tastes like…

Kent Pumpkins have a distinct sweet and nutty flavour. They’re great in sweet or savoury dishes.

Pumpkin your way.

Kent Pumpkins can be steamed, mashed, sautéed, baked or fried. Eat without the skin or leave on before cooking (it softens when cooked).

Storing your pumpkins.

Keep whole Kent Pumpkins in a cool, dark place for up to two months. Once cut, remove the seeds, cover and refrigerate for up to one week.

Did you know?

This family favourite “vegetable” is actually a fruit.