Fresh Aussie Mangoes

Mango: 100% Aussie gold.

Nothing says Australia and summer like a mango. ALDI mangoes are all 100% Australian grown, available for the warmer months, in all our stores.

Meet Blushing Acres.

Blushing Acres is a mango farm in the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns. Tropical, with perfectly-timed cold snaps, Blushing Acres has been supplying ALDI with juicy, sweet mangoes for nearly 20 years. Blushing Acres has also worked to be more sustainable by using less water and less herbicides, and partnering with ALDI for less food waste.  

Kensington Pride, September to January.

If Kensington Pride mangoes are your thing, pick ones with yellow to orange skin tinged with a pretty pink blush with a strong mango aroma and slightly soft to touch.

Calypso, October to March.

If Calypso mangoes are more your vibe, pick ones with a yellowy orange skin with a deep pink blush and no green green tinge to the skin and slightly soft to touch. 

Mango goes with everything.

Kensington Prides are sweet and succulent, so they’re just great on their own or in your favourite salads or smoothies. Calypsos also love to party in a salad, as well as being good to barbecue, or on a pav or some pancakes.

On the bench.

Just leave your mangoes out on your kitchen bench. (It won’t be long until someone eats them anyway…)

Freeze the summer.

Once your mangoes are ripe, freeze them for a healthy snack later.

Calypso parties like it’s 1999.

Calypso mangoes were first introduced in 1999, and have stormed the market since with more flesh, less seed. They took the variant owners 30 years to make, and they’re the ‘daughter’ of Kensington Pride and Sensation mangoes.   

Over 5,000 years in the making.

Even though ALDI gets mangoes from Australia, they were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago.