Fresh Aussie Melons

Melons: all year long, all Australian

The beauty of such a big country is that we can grow and enjoy melons all year. Our melons are grown all around Australia in New South Wales, Queensland, and the Northern Territory.

Where do our melons come from?

Our melons are grown all the way from NSW to the Northern Territory. Our watermelons are grown in such areas as Bowen and Bundaberg in QLD, in the NSW Riverina, and in Katherine NT. Our rockmelons are also grown in Bundaberg QLD, and in Gumlu QLD, Mataranka NT, and Griffith NSW, among other areas.

Pay attention to the skin.

Watermelons with dark green skin will be the ripest. Rockmelons are known to have a tan, netted texture on their rind - beneath that the colour should be a golden orange shade.

Also look for the sweet spot.

For a little extra sweetness, look for rockmelons with an orange ‘field spot’ – from where the fruit has been lying on the ground.

Fresh Cut Watermelon.

Freshly cut is an easy way to enjoy melons. They’re a sure crowd-pleaser for hosting and daily on-the-go goodness. Our freshly cut watermelon is a perfect addition to your salad game, freeze as a healthy snack or take on a picnic outing.

Cut and wrap.

Once you’ve cut your melons open, store them in the fridge.