Fresh Aussie Mushrooms

Munch on these local mushies.

We love supporting Aussie farmers. That’s why we pride ourselves on sourcing the freshest mushrooms from growers across the country. 

Meet our mushroom moguls.

Deep in Sydney suburbia, you’ll find mushroom royalty, White Prince Mushrooms. They say the secret to their success is teamwork, communication and of course, a high quality and homemade substrate. Working closely with ALDI, this mushie mogul supplies us with high quality mushrooms every year!

Grower and a shower.

Mushrooms double in size every 24 hours. 

Paper vs plastic.

Ever wondered why your mushrooms often come in paper and not plastic bags? Paper bags act as a barrier between the refrigerator moisture and the mushrooms to keep your mushrooms drier and fresher for longer.

One week wonders.

Whole, raw mushrooms will keep from 4-7 days in the refrigerator, while sliced mushrooms will last 1-2 days.

Mighty mushies.

Mushrooms are rich in niacin to fight fatigue and boost energy.