Our fresh Aussie Pears

Fresh Aussie pears. Perfect.

If you love locally grown pears, you’ve come to the right place. Our Aussie-first supplier policy means we’re committed to sourcing our pears from local growers, whenever we can. That’s why 97% of our fresh fruit and veg is Australian grown.

Where do our pears come from?

ALDI’s low prices don’t reflect taste or quality. Our pears come from the same orchards as other supermarkets. Like the Goulburn Valley and Shepparton in VIC.

Meet Philip Damianopolous.

Philip inherited his love of faming from his family who began growing fruit back in 1948, establishing Masalki in 1986. The family orchards are located in the Victorian Goulburn Valley. Here, the cool mild winters and warm summers provide perfect growing conditions for juicy pears. For almost 15 years we’ve sourced our apples and pears from Masalki Orchards.

Pick your pears.

Choose bright green pears. Check their firmness by pushing gently on their neck. A ripe pear will give a little when pressed.

What to do with pears?

Pears are perfect for snacking, blending in smoothies, slicing into salads or cooking. You can ripen to suit your taste. If you like pears crunchy, eat while they are firm and bright green. If you like a softer pear, put them with other fruit or in a brown paper bag. They’ll ripen and turn a pale yellow.

Where do I store pears?

Store unripened pears at room temperature in a fruit bowl, checking daily to ensure they don’t overripen. Once ripe, store them in the fridge to delay further ripening.