Fresh Aussie Pineapples

Pineapples: 100% pure Australian green and gold.

ALDI pineapples are all 100% Australian grown, available all year round, in all our stores.

Where do our pineapples come from?

Our pineapples are grown all over Queensland including the Moreton Bay region, and near the stunning Glass House Mountains. This means a constant supply of their green and golden goodness.

Meet the Pure Aussie Pineapples team.

Pure Aussie Pineapples is a group of farmers united under one brand – and with their passion for pineapples. The group represents several farming families from the foothills of the Glass House Mountains to Maryborough, Hervey Bay and through to Rollingstone in North Queensland so they can grow the best pineapples, all year round.

Worth their weight.

Pick a pineapple that feels nice and heavy for its size. Also makes sure it doesn’t have any soft spots or bruises. 

Go for green or gold.

Most people think only golden pineapples are ripe. But some pineapples can be ripe even if they’ve got greener skin.

Ready to eat.

Pineapples don’t ripen once they’re picked. So whatever colour you see them in our stores, you know they’re ready to eat.

Delish days.

Pineapples will last a couple of days at room temperature. Just keep them on the kitchen bench.

Use the skin as a handle.

Sometimes simple is best. You don’t have to cut off the skin of a pineapple – just leave it on and use it like a ‘handle’, same as you would for an orange. 

Chop and pop.

Once you’ve chopped up your pineapple, store any uneaten pieces in an air-tight container in the fridge. 

Have summer all year

Pineapples are a taste of summer all year long. Delicious and juicy on their own, in a fruit salad or as a dessert, and sweet and tangy with fish and meat.