Our fresh Aussie Plums

ALDI plums are Aussie plums.

Nothing beats the taste of fresh, homegrown fruit. That’s why 100% of ALDI’s plums are from local farms. We have an Aussie-first supplier policy, keeping us committed to sourcing our produce from local growers whenever possible. Enjoy them while you can though, plums are only grown in Australia from December to May.

Where do our plums come from?

Don’t be fooled by our low prices. Our plums come from the same farms as other supermarkets. Like the Goulburn Valley in VIC plus Dwellingup, Donnybrook, Manjimup and the Perth Hills in WA.

Plums are….

Sweet, tart and juicy. Yum!

What to look for in a plum?

Plums can be deep purple, red, orange or black depending on the variety.

Get the most out of your plums.

Eat fresh, make a delicious homemade jam, use in dessert or add to your brekkie porridge.

How to store plums?

Store at room temperature (in a fruit bowl) until ripe. Once ripe, refrigerate to last longer.