Fresh Aussie Spinach

All mighty Aussie Spinach.

Ready to supercharge your salad? Head in store to get your hands on 100% Aussie baby spinach. These babies love a cool climate, and that’s why they migrate from Victoria to all over Australia for you to enjoy.

The ultimate pick me vegetable.

Enjoy your spinach up in 3-4 days to avoid those yellow, limp or wilted leaves.

Super spinach.

Boost your brekkie, lunch or dinner with an extra dose of vitamins like A, C, B6, E and even K.

Family ties.

Believe it or not, beets and spinach share a leafy green bond. Both are part of the Goosefoot and Amaranth family.

Go bananas for our spinach.       

All hail the king of potassium! There is more potassium per serve in spinach than bananas.