Fresh Aussie Stonefruit

Stonefruit: Grown a stone’s throw from our stores.

100% of ALDI nectarines, peaches, plums and cherries are grown in Australia, and 70% of our apricots. (The other 30% are grown in New Zealand – just because their season starts a bit later, meaning we can enjoy apricots here for longer.)

Where does our stonefruit come from?

Our growers know all the sweetest spots to grow stonefruit – our nectarines, peaches and plums come from all over Australia, and our cherries are from the cool hills of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

Meet the Sunland Fresh Fruit team.

Sunland Fresh Fruit from Victoria and NSW have been filling ALDI shelves with peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums since we opened in Australia – last year hitting an amazing 1 million kilograms. Their fruit is grown in Cobram, Victoria, and Boomanoomana new Barooga, NSW. They believe in taste and in tomorrow – their fruit is picked and ready to sell within 24 hours, and they invest in regenerative agriculture like using sustainable fertilisers, and projects protecting freshwater turtles.

Ripe for the fridge.

It’s best to leave your stonefruit out on the kitchen bench, stem side down. Once they start to look too ripe, pop them in the fridge.  

Pick the perfect fruits.

Look for peach or nectarines with bright, saturated colours; cherries with a vibrant, deep, red colour ideally with their stems still attached; plums that are plump and firm; and apricots that are plump and slightly soft to touch.

Good for immunity, good for just about everything.

These beauties also pack some essential vitamin punch. Stonefruit can help boost your immunity, create collagen, promote healthy nerves and muscles, strength bones and encourage healthy digestion.