Our fresh Australian Strawberry migration

Hitting the sweet spot with 100% Australian strawberries.

ALDI’s Aussie first supplier policy means we’ll always buy fresh produce from local farmers whenever possible. It’s why 97% of our fresh produce migrates from farms all over Australia.Learn more about the origins of ALDI’s fresh strawberries below.

Where do our strawberries come from?

Our strawberries migrate from all over Australia, depending on where you live and what season it is. Yours might come from Bundaberg or Caboolture in QLD, the Yarra Valley in VIC, Mount Barker in SA or a bunch of other Aussie growers. To limit their travel time, we source as many strawberries as close to your store as possible.

Meet Aussie strawberry farmers, the Dang family.

With 7 siblings and in-laws working on the business, SSS Strawberries is very much a family-run business. Its 14-year-old farms are located in Bundaberg QLD. Rich soils and winter weather provide ideal growing conditions for strawberries.

Since 2006, the Dang family has supplied ALDI with fresh, beautiful strawbs. It’s the passion and care they put into each and every berry that make them a valuable partner. Everything is hand “made”. That is, from the very beginning it is planted, pruned, picked and packed by hand!

Our strawberry field experts.

Perfection Fresh has a long history in agriculture and together with the Aussie farming community they grow the freshest, most flavoursome produce around. Since 2019, Perfection have been proudly partnering with ALDI, supplying customers with over 1.7 million punnets of strawberries every year. They say the secret to their success is to keep bees! They buzz around the strawberry farms, pollinating the produce naturally as they work.

Sweet strawberry facts

Are strawberries good for you?

Strawberries aren’t just sweet, they’re jam-packed (mind the pun) with vitamin C and healthy antioxidants. That’s what makes them the perfect sweet, guilt-free snack.

When are strawberries in season in Australia?

Strawberries are available all year round, however they’re available in abundance during peak times. Strawberries from QLD are in abundance from July to September. Victorian strawberries are in their peak from December to March.

How to pick strawberries in store

Strawberries should be bright red with an even, rich sheen. Avoid strawberries that are slightly mushy with discoloured patches.

How to store strawberries

Keep them dry in a container or their punnet. You can line the container with paper towel to draw up excess moisture. Be sure to remove their leaves before freezing.

What are some strawberry recipes that I should try?

Strawberries make every dish that little bit sweeter. For strawberry recipes that are sure to have the whole family racing for seconds, try some of our favourites below.