Fresh Aussie Corn

Corn sweet corn.

If you love sweet corn you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find it year-round at your local ALDI store. And it’s all Aussie-grown. Sweet!

It’s Aussie corn!

What’s better than a luscious lump of golden knobs? Grown year round Down Under, our corn doesn’t have to migrate far to reach your barbie and dinner table. It’s tasty, it’s juicy and we honestly can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.

Meet our Queensland experts.

If anyone knows a thing or two about growing melt-in-your-mouth sweet corn, it’s the Mulgowie Farming Co in Queensland. With the help of their expert agronomists Rowan, Chanaka, Hannah and Andrew, Mulgowie ensures that its corn always grows in nutrient-dense soil for the best, and healthiest corn. And it may sound corny, but they say the secret to spring's simplest and purest pleasure, is a passionate and dedicated team of farmers.

Meet our WA experts.

Located on the outskirts of Perth, Trandos Farms has been growing fresh Aussie produce since 1939. With a rich background in farming, Trandos has been proudly supplying ALDI with sweet corn for the past six years. Recently in a bid to improve their environmental impact, Trandos removed the plastic tray from their corn packs, reducing their use of plastic packaging by 80%.

Fun corn facts:

Healthy harvest.

Corn is good for your heart and soul. As a natural source of potassium, folate and thiamine, corn is great at supporting healthy bodies and brains.

Butter me up. 

Corn is an incredibly versatile vegetable but we recommend trying it with butter – everything will change.

Corn this way. 

From its humble beginnings as a seedling, corn typically takes 12 weeks to ripen for harvest.

Kernels of wisdom.

There are exactly as many kernels of corn on a cob as there are hairs on the husk.