Our fresh Aussie Sweet Potatoes

Sweet as potatoes from Aussie farms.

Love locally grown Sweet Potatoes? Join the club. Our Aussie-first supplier policy keeps us committed to sourcing fresh produce, like Sweet Potatoes, from local growers, whenever possible. It’s how 97% of our fresh range is Australian grown. Sweet!

Where do our sweet spuds come from?

Our low prices don’t compromise taste or quality. Our Sweet Potatoes are dug up from the same farms as other supermarkets. From Bundaberg and Rockhampton in QLD to Cudgen in northern NSW.

Meet Prichard Farms.

Prichard Farms is a fourth-generation, family run business located in Bundaberg, Queensland. They specialise in supplying high quality, nutritious Sweet Potatoes to the fresh veggie market. The farm has a rich history spanning over 55 years in the sweet potato industry. From humble beginnings in the Cudgen region of northern New South Wales, the business has grown from 5 hectares to 180 hectares, consistently supplying 10,000 tonnes per annum into the sweet potato supply chain.

Prichard Farms began supplying direct to ALDI in 2019. On average, they supply 450 cases of freshly dug Sweet Potatoes to ALDI every day!

Selecting your spud.

Buy Sweet Potatoes with firm, smooth and even-toned skin.

How do I cook them?

Peel them. Chop them. Mash, grill or roast them. You can also roast them with the skin on (just remember to wash thoroughly first). This winter staple is a match made in heaven for a traditional Sunday roast.

Sweet storing tips.

Store at room temperature in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Have you tried toasted Sweet Potato?

Simple peel and slice a Sweet Potato lengthways. Ensure they’re thin enough to fit into your toaster. Toast until slightly crisp on the outside and top with your favourite toppings!