Limited Time Only

They might not be here for long, but our Limited Time Only range is sure to leave a lasting impression. From scrumptious seafood to dreamy ice creams and freezer favourites, embark on an exploration of the very best of our new and returning food, beverages, beauty and personal care products. But hurry, these products are in store for a Limited Time Only.

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Urban Eats Japanese Style Chicken or Pork Gyoza 700g
UniteaCurrent Price$9.99 Unit price $1.43 per 100g
Milfina Stackerz Rainbow 8pk/530ml
Unit8pk/530mlCurrent Price$4.99 Unit price 94c per 100ml
Milfina Stackerz Tropical 8pk/530ml
Unit8pk/530mlCurrent Price$4.99 Unit price 94c per 100ml
Kapiti Triple Chocolate Ice Cream 1L
Unit1LCurrent Price$7.99 Unit price 80c per 100ml
Kapiti Chocolate Hazelnut Mini 6pk/360ml
Unit6pk/360mlCurrent Price$6.49 Unit price $1.80 per 100ml
Indulge Gourmet Ice Cream Vanilla, Caramel & Choc Brownie 1L
Unit1LCurrent Price$5.99 Unit price 60c per 100ml
Ocean Royale Gluten Free Fish Bites 350g
Unit350gCurrent Price$7.99 Unit price $22.83 per kg
Ocean Royale Australian Raw Prawns Peeled Tail Off 500g
Unit500gCurrent Price$19.99 Unit price $39.98 per kg
Health & Vitality FIT Burrito Bowl or BBQ Beef 340g/360g
UniteaCurrent Price$6.99 Unit price $2.06/$1.94 per 100g
Health & Vitality Thai Style Red Chicken Curry 350g
Unit350gCurrent Price$4.49 Unit price $1.28 per 100g
Farmwood Chicken Dippers 1kg
Unit1kgCurrent Price$9.99 Unit price $9.99 per kg
Seasons Pride Potato Pommes 350g
Unit350gCurrent Price$3.49 Unit price $9.97 per kg
Seasons Pride Hash Brown Stars 510g
Unit510gCurrent Price$3.99 Unit price $7.82 per kg
Seasons Pride Potato Hearts 500g
Unit500gCurrent Price$3.49 Unit price $6.98 per kg
Urban Eats Sweet Corn Fritters 240g
Unit240gCurrent Price$3.99 Unit price $16.63 per kg
Papa Giuseppi's Cheese Pizza Pies 2pk/310g
Unit2pk/310gCurrent Price$4.99 Unit price $1.61 per 100g
Orchard & Vine Smoothie Mix 450g
UniteaCurrent Price$5.99 Unit price $13.31 per kg
International Cuisine Cheese & Bacon Mini Pizza 4pk/400g
Unit4pk/400gCurrent Price$5.49 Unit price $1.37 per 100g
Urban Eats Cauliflower Buffalo Wings 320g
Former price $4.99 Unit320gCurrent Price$3.99 Save $1 Unit price $12.47 per kg