Some of the frequently asked questions from our customers, answered for you:

Why can't I close the lever?

Is the capsule inserted crooked? If a capsule has not been inserted properly it may have become tilted and the lever cannot close completely. In this case, remove the capsule and insert a new one. Do not put excessive force onto the lever/handle.

Is the spent-capsule container full?

The spent capsule container will only hold up to 10 capsules and needs to be regularly emptied. If the container for the used capsules is full, it can happen that the capsule cannot be ejected properly. Inserting a new capsule can lead to jamming, preventing the lever from closing properly. Empty the spent-capsule container. Do not put excessive force onto the lever/handle.

Why does the light not come on when I switch on my machine?

Check the power supply, e.g. plug, voltage, fuse and mains switch.

Why does my machine not brew any coffee?

Is the water tank properly connected to the base of the machine? If it has not been locked in properly, the machine won’t flow any water through. Please check and reconnect the water tank to the base.

Water tank empty? Make sure the water tank contains enough water. If not, fill it up again.

Have you inserted a capsule? It may be that you've forgotten to insert a capsule. Insert a new capsule and close the lever.

Is the lever closed? Is the capsule not in straight? Check that the lever is fully closed. If a capsule has not been inserted properly it may have become tilted and the lever cannot close completely. In this case, please refer to the question ‘Why can’t I close the lever” for resolution.

What can I do if my drink is not hot enough?

A cold cup may cool your drink too quickly.  Preheat your cup by running the longest pour setting on your machine multiple times.  Room temperature and machine internal temperature can also influence water temperature.

Why does water run out of my machine when I open the lever?

When the lever is opened, the remaining water runs out of the system into the spent-capsule container. If you have already removed the drip tray and spent-capsule container before opening the lever, the water will run onto the base of the machine. The water may still be hot, so there is a risk of scalding. You should therefore make sure that the spent-capsule container is inserted when you open the lever.

Why does the machine turn itself off?

The time it takes for your machine to turn itself off varies between machine model.  Please refer to the User Manual for further information.  It is highly recommended that the machine is turned off at the main power point when the day usage is complete or for long periods of absence.

Please refer to your instruction manual and warranty card for contact details of the relevant after sales team for your specific machine.

If your machine model is EXP-19CCMB, please contact the Tempo Customer Support Centre through their website or by phone on 1300 112 534 (Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 08:30am-6pm AEST).

For all other models, please contact the K-fee After Sales Support Team by email on kfee(at) or by phone on 1800 469 373 (Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 08:30am-6pm AEST).


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