Which Expressi are you?


  • A ristretto is a very short shot and is approximately half the volume of the standard espresso. The result is flavour that's fuller than an espresso, with sweetness emphasised over bitterness. Across Europe, the ristretto is the preferred way of enjoying coffee.


  • An espresso is the most common shot of coffee. While it can be enjoyed straight, it is also used as the base for a cappuccino, latte and mocha. At approximately 40ml, it offers a thicker consistency and higher concentration of crema than the ristretto.


  • Italian for "long" the 'lungo' is an espresso made with twice as much water. As more water is required when extracting a lungo, the result is a less intense espresso with a perceptible bitterness.


  • A Cappuccino uses a 40ml espresso shot as the base and is followed by equal portions of hot milk and steamed milk froth. Commonly finished with a sprinkle of chocolate powder, raw sugar or cinnamon. The Cappuccino is perfect for those who prefer their coffee milky.

Caffe Latte

  • Caffe Latte simply means coffee and milk. It is a longer drink with a 40ml shot of espresso. The amount of froth depends on your preference, and is usually consumed from a glass cup.

Hot Chocolate

  • A rich chocolate flavoured drink either served with water, milk or both depending on consumer preference. The finest blend of cocoa beans are roasted to perfection for a luxurious and deliciously smooth hot chocolate with that rich chocolate taste. Insert the EXPRESSI™ Hot Chocolate capsule and select the large cup button (110mL).
  • For large Hot Chocolate: Repeat the above directions.
  • For thick Hot Chocolate: Insert the EXPRESSI™ Hot Chocolate capsule and select the small cup button (40mL) and add warm milk to taste.