Christmas Baking, Treats & Snacks

Christmas baking is a fun and affordable way to give something special (and delicious) to those you love. From vegan slices and traditional puddings to chocolate truffles and fruit tarts, when it comes to Christmas baking, your options are almost endless! Try something new or stick to the classics this year with the help of our list of Christmas baking ideas and recipes.

Christmas Ice Cream Recipes

Christmas and ice-cream might sound like a funny combination. But remember, this isn’t just any Christmas - it’s the perfect Aussie Christmas, which means any traditional ‘rules’ are out the window. Even the most staunch traditionalists couldn’t say no to our decadent Ice Cream Wreath or Double Chocolate Ice Cream pudding. And should Christmas be a scorcher, a batch of our Quick Mango Ice-cream will provide some sweet relief.

Christmas Cookie Recipes

The only thing that’s more satisfying than baking cookies is plating them up and offering them to your guests. Of course, you’d have to try one first - just to make sure they’re not underdone. And if you try two, hey, we’re not going to judge you. These cookies are as pretty as they are crave inducing. It’s almost a shame you have to eat them. Almost.

Christmas Baking For Kids

Bring together the kids’ love for sugar and Christmas this year with delicious baked treats. When it comes to Christmas treats for kids, the more decorations the better! From gingerbread houses to mini puddings, let their creativity run wild with these Christmas baking ideas and recipes for kids.

No Bake Christmas Treats

You don’t have to fuss over an oven to enjoy delectable Christmas treats! No-bake Christmas treats are a quick and easy hack to making delicious slices, mini puddings and tarts that are just as good as the baked stuff! For a great last-minute option for your next Christmas party, explore our library of no-bake Christmas recipes below.

Gluten Free Christmas Treats

Don’t let your gluten-intolerant loved ones miss out on all the delicious treats this year! You may be surprised by how many treats you can easily whip together for a gluten-free Christmas. From fudge to cake, puddings to cookies, the options are almost endless with the right gluten-free Christmas recipes on your side. Explore our gluten-free Christmas treats and dessert recipes below.

Healthy Christmas Treats

Be naughty and nice all at once by whipping up some delicious healthy Christmas treats this year! You can really have the best of both worlds with the right recipes on hand. Whether it’s some nutty truffle balls, fruit-filled tarts or festive ‘nice-cream’, there’s sure to be a few healthy treats to tickle your fancy this silly season. Browse our healthy Christmas treats recipes below.

Christmas Balls Recipes

Ball-sized treats are great for sharing with family at Christmas time. Christmas balls are as easy as they are versatile. From classic rum balls and rocky road balls to mint slice balls and cherry ripe balls – no matter what the recipe, you’re sure to be going in for seconds... or sevenths. For simple more-ish Christmas ball recipes, browse below.

Christmas Truffle Recipes

No one can resist the decadent allure of a Christmas truffle! Whether they’re a little boozy or alcohol-free for the kids, your next Christmas truffles aren’t going to last long in the fridge! For healthy and dessert Christmas truffle recipes, browse our library below.

Gingerbread Recipes

Whether you’re baking cookies or constructing an entire house, gingerbread is delicious in all it’s forms. Fill the house with the aroma of Christmas gingerbread cookies cooking in the oven this Christmas with our best gingerbread recipes.