Christmas BBQ Recipes

Forget chestnuts roasting on an open fire. The barbie is where the real action is this Christmas, and these recipes are sure to draw a crowd. In true Aussie Christmas style, we’ve got fish recipes covered. Fresh prawns and salmon, grilled to perfection, coupled with fruity salads for a sweet contrast. Lamb lovers - we’ve got three takes on chops for you to get stuck into, with salads to match. All are easy peasy (especially the Pea Pesto), and best of all, there’s very little in the way of cleaning up to be involved after. BBQ Christmas, all sorted. Just BYO your own dorky Christmas-themed apron.

BBQ Prawn Recipes

What’s small, makes a sizzling sound, tastes delicious and is enjoyed at Christmas time? You guessed it, Christmas BBQ prawns! For when you have the barbie cranking and you want to cook something a little more exciting than the standard snags, BBQ prawns are a great choice. Whether you want to spruce up a salad or serve them as-is as a side dish, our Christmas BBQ prawn recipes are quick, easy and oh-so delicious. Find inspiration via our recipes below.

BBQ Lamb Recipes

Lamb chops, aka meat lollipops, are always a win. They’re a casual crowd pleaser, but the sides we’ve paired them with here add a bit of Christmas magic to elevate them above your standard fare. Pea Pesto and sweet potato chips, a green avocado salad, and chilli rice will take your lamb chops to a whole new level. Wham, bam, thank you lamb.

BBQ Fish Recipes

The only thing more fun than decorating a Christmas tree is decorating a barbeque with seafood. Fresh and juicy prawns, tender trout and succulent salmon skewers - they’re a sight to behold, and taste even better than they look. Whip up a tasty peach salad or mango salsa to accompany them, and you’ll no doubt give Santa a run for his money in the popularity stakes. 

BBQ Beef Recipes

For a BBQ dish that was made for Aussie summers, BBQ beef is an ideal choice for balmy Christmas lunch and dinners. Everyone knows that barbequing just makes everything taste better, and that is no exception for BBQ Christmas beef. From BBQ beef ribs to BBQ beef brisket recipes, find your next go-to BBQ beef dish below. 

BBQ Chicken Recipes

Although roasted meats are traditional in colder countries and cold meats are traditional in hot countries, BBQs were made for an Australian Christmas. BBQ chicken is a quick, easy, healthy and delicious summer meal choice and pairs perfectly with fresh festive salads and side dishes. For BBQ chicken recipes that are sure to become a regular tradition at Christmastime, browse below.

BBQ Pork Recipes

Summer sounds and smells like the enticing sizzle of delicious meats on the BBQ. Channel that summer feeling with a delicious BBQ pork on Christmas day. Whether you opt for BBQ pulled pork or a BBQ pork ribs recipe, your guests are sure to have clean plates after meal time. For a lunch or dinner that’s sure to make a delicious impression, browse our Christmas BBQ pork recipes below.