Christmas Desserts

Christmas isn’t something you do by half measures. You don’t just serve a dessert - you serve a dessert degustation. Pavlova, trifle, ice-cream - take your pick, or give them all a whirl. Splurge on all the sweets for a festive feed that will be one to remember. And while all this sweet talk might have you thinking about booking next year’s dentist, fear not; our recipes are nicely balanced with natural ingredients and Aussie fruit, so you can indulge in them, guilt-free.

Christmas Pudding Recipes

Grandma’s secret Christmas pudding recipe might be hard to top but we challenge you to give it a shot! From traditional fruit Christmas puddings to sticky toffee puddings, our easy Christmas pudding recipes are sure to get everyone excited for dessert. Browse our Christmas pudding recipes below.

Christmas Trifle Recipes

Is there any dessert more impressive than trifle? All those wobbly, creamy, fruity layers are a sight to behold - and we’re sure you and your guests will agree. For first timers, trifle might sound a bit daunting. But trust us, it’s easier than it sounds. Just take it one sweet layer at a time, and before you know it, you’ll have a fancy, crowd pleasing dessert on your hands.

Christmas Pavlova Recipes

Ah, the humble pavlova. Who would’ve thought such an innocuous looking dessert would cause such heated debate between us and our Kiwi cousins? But lets put its origins aside and focus on the here and now: and these three contemporary takes on a much loved Chrissy classic. Whichever you choose to whip up, feel free to claim its origins as your own.

Christmas Slices Recipes

Christmas slices are a family favourite for good reason. With so many ingredient variations, the world is your Christmas slice when it comes to this decadent festive treat! From fruit slices and cake slices to caramel slices and coconut slices, find your next go-to Christmas slice recipe below.

Christmas Cake Recipes

Mmmm, can you smell that? That’s the smell of Christmas cake baking away in the oven! Christmas cake can be easy or it can be a labour of love; either way, it will be loved by whoever gets a slice on Christmas day. For traditional and modern Christmas cake ideas, including recipes and Christmas cake decoration suggestions, read on below.

Christmas Tart & Pie Recipes

Christmas pie recipes aren’t only for those experiencing a white Christmas! Bring a summer twist to the traditional Christmas dessert with our Christmas tart and pie recipes. Whether you’re looking to serve a traditional warming slice of apple pie or you’re wanting to celebrate the best of summer produce with a mango and coconut tart, our Christmas tart recipes and Christmas pie recipes have a delicious range for you to choose from. Browse our top picks for tart and pie recipes below.