Christmas Drinks Recipes

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas drinks. (Plus, can you imagine getting through Christmas lunch without a bev in hand? Impossible.) The best thing about Christmas drinks is that they can happen anytime in the lead-up to Christmas, from approximately December 1st. And you can have them with anyone. Friends, families, neighbours, colleagues, even the postman. (Well, maybe not the postman - but if so, then definitely make his a mocktail. You don’t want him to get fired). Cocktails, mocktails, punch - there’s something here for everyone.

Christmas Cocktail Recipes

What could be more merry than a classy drink mixed by hand? To really get you into the Christmas spirit (see what we did there?), we’ve stirred up a few recipes that will bring out your inner bartender. Don’t worry, they’re easy enough to prepare. And you can skip the flare theatrics: taste alone should be enough to impress your guests.

Christmas Mocktail Recipes

Take the silly out of the season with these full flavoured, alcohol free cocktails. There’s a tipple for every teetotaller, give these a taste and you’ll find they’re even more satisfying than they are sensible.

Christmas Punch Recipes

Celebrate the glorious fruits of summer with a juicy Christmas punch! You’d be surprised at the variety of choices at your disposal when it comes to Christmas punch. You can keep it classic with strawberries and watermelon or you can go for something a little bit more tropical with pineapple and mango. From non-alcoholic Christmas punches to traditional varieties, explore our top pick Christmas punch recipes below.