Christmas Salad Recipes

Christmas is all about putting a show, where no decoration - or salad ingredient - is too small. Think of each salad as its own individual Christmas tree in need of tasty, fresh ornaments. Your table will positively glow with green and colourful goodness, with just about every type of salad under the sun covered. Grains, potatoes, greens and pasta are all covered here. Easy to toss together, and just as easy to eat. Hearty, flavoursome and full of Christmas cheer, there’s a recipe here for everyone - even those who claim to not ‘like’ salad. (Getting kids to eat salad with a smile on their face? Christmas miracles do happen!)

Pasta Salad Recipes

Full points to whoever came up with pasta salad. It’s as if they wanted another excuse to eat squiggly shaped noodles - and now you can enjoy them on Christmas day. The only question is, which? You could go with the classic with a cheery veggie medley and pitted kalamta olives. The pesto option for a plate pleasing cheesy, basil-flavoured spin. Or our snow pea take for a merry crunch.

Potato Salad Recipes

Roast potatoes, watch out: our Christmas potato salads might just steal the show. Purists will definitely be having seconds of the Creamy Potato and Soft Egg Salad. But they’d be amiss to not try the Potato & Avocado Salad first, with its doubly creamy texture. And then there’s the Loaded Salad with Homemade Herby Cashew Mayo - the stuff naps are made of.

Green Salad Recipes

Greens, glorious greens. What would turkey be without them? Or that centrepiece Christmas ham? They’re the unsung heroes of the Christmas table, but the following recipes are bound to make a lasting impression. Our Green Salad pairs beans and spinach with a zesty, lemony kick. Pear and Walnut Salad brings together sweetness and crunch. As for the Butter Leaf Salad with Creamy Parmesan dressing - well, don’t expect that to last long.

Grain Salad Recipes

Balance out the indulgent side of Christmas with these super powered, superfood grain salads. So what if half the family don’t know what lentil, couscous or quinoa are? Or that they’re healthy? They’ll be too busy forking up big chunks of mango and mushroom to care.

Fruit Salad Recipes