Christmas Side Dishes

Please. The term side is an understatement. Our recipe elves have worked wonders to turn humble potatoes and sprouts into what could be considered meals in their own rights. But this is Christmas, and so these stupendous sides will look best alongside ham, turkey or seafood. Expect people to go back for seconds - or thirds.

Savoury Tart Recipes

The wonderful thing about tarts is that despite their fancy appearance, they’re actually a doozy to pull off. There’s something about puff pastry that says ‘I’ve really gone extra mile here’. Now we all know the real credit goes to the pastry chef. But given that it’s Christmas, we’re sure they won’t mind you hogging the spotlight. Speaking of fancy - did someone say Emporium Selection goats cheese?

Skewer Recipes

Meat on a stick is always a crowd pleaser. It must have something to do with our primal instincts. But this is Christmas 2023, so expect modern marinades here. Sure, we’re sticking to the classics with chicken and beef options. But Massaman Beef and Green Onion? That’s not your everyday skewer. Chicken is paired with a lovely tomato salad; while the other beef option comes with a tomato vinaigrette.

Sausage Roll Recipes

Sausage rolls are too good to only be enjoyed on road trips or at footy games! Bring the Australian icon to the Christmas lunch with our easy and delicious sausage roll recipes. Whether you like your sausage rolls packed with veggies or you’re looking for an old-fashioned sausage roll recipe, our Christmas sausage roll recipes are sure to offer you something to wow guests during the festive season. Bake a Christmas side they’re sure love with our sausage roll recipes.

Canapes Recipes

Bring an element of sophistication to your Chrissy lunch or dinner with Christmas canapes. From mini caprese salad bites to prawn crostinis, fresh canapes were made for a summer Christmas. Add an extra layer of greens, reds and golds to your table with these bite-sized beauties. Bring an Aussie twist to a French classic with our easy and delicious Christmas canape ideas.

Bruschetta Recipes

Bruschetta. However you choose to pronounce it, it’s undoubtedly delicious. When it comes to how Aussies like to enjoy bruschetta, we can get pretty creative. From traditional tomato and herb varieties, all the way to glorified smashed avo variations, bruschetta recipes are more varied than you might think. For an easy, fresh and healthy Christmas breakfast or side, get inspired by our bruschetta recipes below. 

Side Salad Recipes

Side salads are not to be scoffed at – just scoffed down! When it comes to bringing a plate at Christmas time that is as delicious as it is nutritious, Christmas side salads are a fail-proof choice. Boost your side salad game with delicious proteins like poached chicken or smoked salmon. Or, celebrate the best of Australia’s summer produce with summer fruit and veg that need few additions to make them sing. Browse our Christmas side salad recipes below.

Potato Side Dishes

You can't spell ‘versatile’ without ‘potato’… okay, maybe you can, but who doesn’t love a good potato side dish? From Hasselback and mash to duck-fat-roasted and Christmas potato salad, potato side dishes have so much to offer your Christmas lunch or dinner. For a side that is certain to please the masses at Christmas time, try something new or something classic with your potato side dishes. Explore our recipes below.

Chutney & Relish Recipes

Whether you’re using it for stuffing or simply wanting to give a grilled sandwich a flavour boost, a good chutney, relish, dip or sauce can make all the difference. Finding a reliable topping recipe isn’t always easy however. Explore our library of chutney, relish, dip or sauce recipes and ideas below.

Christmas Roast Vegetable Recipes

Although maybe not everyone loves their veggies, everyone definitely loves their roasts! While it’s important to have the pork and prawns on the table, Christmas roast vegetables are an essential side to pair with the meats. For Christmas roast recipes that the whole family will be begging you for, explore our decadent favourites below.

Christmas Cheese Platters

Cheese boards are always the fail-proof way to bring an element of decadence to your get-together. With Christmas being perhaps the biggest family gathering of the year, why not go all out with a Christmas cheese platter they won’t forget! You won’t brie-live how creative you can get with the right Christmas cheeses on your next spread. Find some inspiration below.

Christmas Fruit Platters

One of the greatest things about Christmas in Australia is the summer fruits that we get to tuck into! Rather than having to make the impossible choice between serving mangoes or strawberries, offer up all the favourites on a Christmas fruit platter. A platter or Christmas fruit salad is an easy, fresh and healthy way to bring a sweet touch to your Christmas breakfast or lunch. For Christmas fruit platter ideas that are sure to bring a smile to kids and adults alike, browse our recipes below.

Seafood Platters

Seafood is a big deal on Christmas day. If you've beaten the lines at the fish market and you've bought some beautiful produce, you'll want to show it off to your guests. Cold seafood platters are a fresh and delicious way to add some excitement to the Christmas lunch spread. Find some inspiration for your next Christmas seafood platter by browsing below.