Vegetarian & Vegan Christmas Recipes

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and co. might be satisfied with a carrot, but you (or the vegetarian in your life) deserve much more than that. We’ve stuffed our veggie recipes with all kinds of delicious treats to ensure every mouthful is merry. As far as mains go, a  Whole Roasted Cauliflower is a table centrepiece, and goes down a treat with a veggie gravy. Stuffed Capsicums are always a popular choice, even with the carnivores at the table. And our Roasted Eggplant with Date-Almond Couscous is sure to delight, especially when coupled with some of our more splendidly substantial salads and sides. Vegetarian ideas for Christmas lunch - sorted.

Vegetarian Christmas Mains Recipes

Although Christmas meats like pork, prawns and chicken are the tradition, delicious vegetarian mains at Christmas can also be crowd-pleasers for vegos and non-vegos alike. Whether you choose to go simple with hearty salads full of fine cheeses and fresh fruits, or you try something a little more ambitious like a roast veggie pie, all your guests are going to want multiple serves of your vegetarian Christmas mains. For show-stopping vegetarian lunch and dinner mains, browse below. 

Vegan Christmas Mains Recipes

Although there are a lot of tasty options out there for vegans, they can often be forgotten at Christmas gatherings! Show your vegan guests the love with vegan Christmas mains that they’ll be raving about for years to come. You can try some easy and moreish salads for a vegan Christmas lunch option or you can go creative with a stuffed veggie for vegan Christmas dinner. Find some inspiration for your next vegan Christmas main with these recipes.

Vegetarian Salad Recipes

From oven-roasted beets to fruit and veggie combos, the options are deliciously endless when it comes to vegetarian salad recipes! Although many of your guests on Christmas day might enjoy meat, it’s a good idea to include a few vegetarian salads for any last-minute guests who might have dietary restrictions. For fresh, healthy and moreish vegetarian salad recipes that are sure to be crowd favourites, explore our picks below.

Vegan Salad Recipes

When it comes to good vegan cooking, it’s all about adding rather than removing things from your dishes. This is very much the case when it comes to vegan Christmas salad recipes – the more, definitely the merrier! With the right protein-rich ingredients such as roasted veggies, nuts and soy products such as tofu and tempeh, your salads will be as nutritious as they are delicious. Discover some delicious new salad ideas with these vegan Christmas salad recipes.

Vegan Christmas Desserts Recipes

Although dairy features in many desserts, with the right know-how, you can whip up some vegan Christmas desserts that will be sure to impress the masses. From alternative-milk-based tarts and cakes to fruit- and nut-based breads and cookies, when it comes to vegan Christmas desserts, there are more options than you may have thought! For moreish vegan Christmas dessert recipes that both the vegans and non-vegans are sure to love, explore here.