Coconut Mango Semifreddo Recipe

How to Make Coconut Mango Semifreddo


  1. Place chopped, dried mango in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave to soak for 20 minutes. Drain and pat dry with kitchen towel. Reserve.
  2. Line the base and sides of a large, 2 litre loaf tin with plastic wrap, allowing the sides to overhang.
  3. Open the can of coconut cream. Spoon the firm white cream from the top into a mixing bowl. Place in fridge. Discard the coconut water at the base of the can (or you can save for your next smoothie).
  4. Using electric beaters, whisk the eggs, yolks and sugar in a heatproof bowl for 1-2 minutes or until frothy. Place bowl over a pan of simmering water. Whisk for 5-6 minutes or until the mixture is pale and thick. Remove from the heat and continue whisking for 1-2 minutes or until cool.
  5. Clean the electric beaters. Add thickened cream and vanilla extract to the bowl with the coconut cream. Beat for 3-4 minutes or until soft peaks form.
  6. Gently fold into the egg mixture using a metal spoon. Add reserved dried mango to bowl and fold in.
  7. Spoon mixture into the prepared tin. Freeze for 8 hours or overnight.
  8. Toast shaved coconut. Lay onto a tray, lined with baking paper. Add to a low-moderate oven and toast for 3-5 minutes or until lightly toasted.
  9. Peel and dice the fresh mangoes.
  10. Remove semifreddo from freezer and turn out onto a serving platter.
  11. To serve, top with the fresh mango and toasted coconut. Garnish with lime wedges.