Eton Mess Recipe

How to Make Eton Mess


  1. Preheat the oven to 140°C (or 120°C fan forced ovens). Add baking paper to baking tray.
  2. To make the meringue, use an electric hand whisk to whisk the egg whites for a couple of minutes until they form soft peaks
  3. When the meringue has reached this stage, slowly start to add the caster sugar a bit at a time, whisking in between until all the sugar is combined and the meringue is glossy and holds a stiff peak
  4. Using a metal spoon, equally divide the mixture into 12 meringue rounds, into the tray, and bake for 2 hours. Then leave in the oven (turned off) until cooled completely.
  5. When the meringues have cooled, whip the cream until it holds a peak and then crush the meringues and add to the cream
  6. To serve: Chill serving glasses or jars. Layer the strawberries with the passion fruit pulp and meringue/cream in the jars and top with mint.