Product Description

Product Description

Small Drawer Tray

  • Material: PET and PP
  • Size: 30.0cm x 14.6cm x 11.5cm

Large Drawer Tray

  • Material: PET and PP
  • Size: 37.5cm x 22.0cm x 15.0cm

Egg Drawer

  • Material: PET and PP
  • Size: 21.5cm x 24.0cm x 14.0cm

Undershelf Drawer

  • Material: PET and HIPS
  • Size: 30.0cm x 20.0cm x 11.5cm

Rotating Tray

  • Material: PET and PVC suction cups
  • Size: 42.0cm x 28.0cm x 4.0cm

Drink Organiser

  • Material: ABS, PVC, chromed steel and stainless steel 301
  • Size: 32.0cm x 25.0cm x 8.0cm

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