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On Sale Wed 21 February - Baby Clothing, Baby Accessories, Bulk Household

Aluminium Foil 150m
UnitCurrent Price$14.99* Unit price 10c per metre
Baking Paper 90m
UnitCurrent Price$9.99* Unit price 11c per metre
Cling Wrap 600m
UnitCurrent Price$12.99* Unit price 2c per metre
Bulk Sandwich Bags 300pk
Unit300pkCurrent Price$7.99* Unit price $2.66 per 100 bags
Bulk Snack or Storage Bags
Experiencing Delays
UniteaCurrent Price$7.99* Unit price $2.28/$3.20 per 100 bags
Bulk Garbage Bags 100pk
Experiencing Delays
Unit100pkCurrent Price$9.99* Unit price $9.99 per 100 bags
Finish Powerball Quantum Essential Dishwasher Tablets 90pk
Unit90pkCurrent Price$34.99* Unit price 39c per tablet
Super Strength Dishwashing Liquid 3L
UnitCurrent Price$7.99* Unit price 27c per 100ml
Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Lemon Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid 1.5L
UnitCurrent Price$7.79* Unit price 52c per 100ml
Tricare Liquid Soap Refill 3L
Experiencing Delays
UniteaCurrent Price$7.49* Unit price 25c per 100ml
Trimat Laundry Powder Regular 5kg
UnitCurrent Price$21.99* Unit price $4.40 per kg
Trimat Laundry Powder Sensitive 5kg
UnitCurrent Price$21.99* Unit price $4.40 per kg
Di San Laundry Soaker 3kg
UniteaCurrent Price$10.69* Unit price $3.56 per kg
Floor Cleaner 1.25L
UniteaCurrent Price$2.99* Unit price 24c per 100ml
Disinfectant Wipes Bulk Pack 2 x 120pk
Unit2 x 120pkCurrent Price$5.99* Unit price $2.50 per 100 wipes
Disposable Gloves 100pk
Experiencing Delays
Unit100pkCurrent Price$11.99* Unit price 12c per glove
Microfibre Cloths 50pk
Experiencing Delays
Unit50pkCurrent Price$19.99* Unit price 40c per cloth

Special Buys on sale Wednesday 21 February, while stocks last*

* While stocks last - please note prices may vary between stores. Prices are correct at the time of uploading and subject to change. Stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities.