Good Business

ALDI is passionate about doing Good Business across all areas of our business ALDI. From the Aussie farmers who grow our produce to our employees who stock our shelves, we are committed to supporting our business partnerships and we have responsible business practices to foster strong and honest relationships with our suppliers, buyers and team members. Good Business encompasses our efforts in supply chain management, the responsible sourcing of our products and more. Discover how ALDI is doing Good Business.

Aussie Farmers

We strongly believe in supporting Australian Made products and produce. In fact, 97% of our fruit and veg comes directly from Australian farms. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also taken several measures to ensure we’re supporting and caring for our Australian farmers.

Business partnerships

Starting in 2001 with two stores in Sydney, ALDI initially offered a range of 600 grocery products supplied by 174 business partners.

During this first year, one of these founding business partners supplied us with just two types of laundry powder, which they initially delivered to us on a ute containing a single pallet. Fast forward to 2018, and this same business partner supplies 75 cleaning and personal care products across 150 varieties to every one of our 500 plus stores.

Now this is just one of hundreds of similar stories about our wonderful partnerships. Because with over 1000 Australian businesses now part of our network, it’s easy to see how we’re Making a Good Difference in more ways than one.

Economic Contribution

In 2021, our 20th birthday wasn’t the only milestone we celebrated. A report by PwC, recognised that we contributed a total of $30.2 billion to the Australian economy since first opening our doors. But that wasn’t even the most exciting part, as we also announced that we saved our customers $1.7 billion through our pricing policies in the process.

ALDI’s 2021 Tax Transparency Report can be found here. You can access previous reports here.

modern slavery and human rights banner

At ALDI, we’re committed to minimising the risk of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains. That’s why we protect the Human Rights of the people involved in our global supply chains. It’s also why we’re undertaking several initiatives to ensure that our business practices are aligned to our Corporate Responsibility Principles and conducted with integrity. Read more about our initiatives here.

Diversity and Inclusion

We’re committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce that welcomes everyone. Because we believe that understanding, respecting, and valuing the individuality of our employees and customers makes us stronger. Thankfully, it’s not just us that thinks this either as ALDI Australia was a Top Performer in Diversity & Inclusion in the Human Resource Director Magazine 2018 Employer of Choice Awards.

Responsible Business Practices

Through the responsible sourcing of our products, and prioritisation of Australian-made produce, we’re helping to build resilient, thriving communities. For more information, please read our Sustainability Progress Report, which highlights how we positively impact the environment, our customers, and the communities in which we operate.

We’ve made it our mission to offer our customers quality products that make sustainability affordable.

ALDI is delivering positive outcomes for our planet and the environment through a range of projects and initiatives. These include sourcing 100% of our electricity through renewable sources, reducing energy usage in our stores and distribution centres, reducing plastic packaging and embracing sustainable alternatives.

Our 2023 Sustainability Progress Report highlights how we aim to reduce our impact on the environment, our customers and people and the communities in which we operate. ALDI is committed to providing high quality and affordable groceries that are good for the Planet, Communities, Business, and our customers’ Health.

This report is a reflection on the progress we have made and the momentum we continue to build as we strive to make a better business. ALDI’s focus on Making a Good Difference is woven into every aspect of our organisation and we continue to identify and embrace opportunities for improvement. From our food rescue efforts and investments in new technology, to our longstanding partnerships with supplier partners and innovative packaging solutions for our products, sustainability touches every part of our operation.

Read sustainability report

Watch video for an overview of ALDI's 2023 Sustainability Report

For more information on our commitments on a global scale, check out the ALDI South Group International Corporate Responsibility Strategy.