Battery Recycling at ALDI

ALDI was the first supermarket in Australia to offer a national battery recycling service.

Since 2013, customers across all of our stores have been returning old batteries to ALDI. Together, we can do our part to help reduce the number of batteries that end up in landfill each year. Find out how and where to recycle batteries below.

The B-cycle Battery Recycling Program

aldi battery recycling program bin

Have you ever wondered where your batteries end up if you have disposed of them in the garbage bin? They will be sitting in landfill, leaking toxic materials into the environment and wasting Earth’s precious resources.

We want to do our bit to change that. In 2021, ALDI Australia came on board as an accredited member of the Battery Stewardship Council and is now a participant of the B-cycle battery recycling program.  

The Battery Stewardship Council strives to ensure that batteries are recycled in an environmentally sound manner through accredited drop-off points.


How Battery Recycling works

It’s simple!

  1. Remove any packaging from your batteries
  2. Prep the batteries
  3. Drop your used household batteries into the B-cycle battery recycling bin which is located at the front of every ALDI store

 Learn more below.

6 Tips for Battery Recycling

Thinking about heading to ALDI to drop off your batteries? Good on you! Before you jump in the car, here are a few helpful tips for safe battery recycling.

battery with taped ends

1. Tape up the ends

Tape the ends of used batteries using regular, non-conductive tape like sticky tape, duct tape or electrical tape. This step prevents sparking that creates a fire hazard. 

batteries stored in jar

2. Safely store your batteries

Store your batteries in a clearly labelled glass container. Make sure the container is not airtight, as pressure can build up. Properly storing your batteries reduces the risk of fire hazard until you take them to your nearest ALDI store B-cycle drop-off point.

battery with fire

3. Keep your batteries away from heat sources

Incidents can occur when batteries are exposed to excessively hot weather or heat sources such as stoves. It is important to keep your batteries out of the sun, in a cool, dry place.

recycle batteries within 6 months

4. Recycle your batteries within six months

Try to drop off your old batteries within six months of use. We recommend writing ‘B-cycle’ on your shopping list to remind yourself the next time you are heading to ALDI.

battery thrown into recycling

5. Remember, batteries cannot be thrown in the household recycling or garbage bin

Remind members of your household (and yourself!) that batteries cannot be disposed of in your everyday household or recycling bin. Together, with your help, we hope to increase awareness of the ALDI B-cycle drop-off points.

rechargeable batteries

6. Have you considered rechargeable batteries?

These days, most rechargeable batteries can be used many times over. Rechargeable batteries are a great choice for the environment and are a more affordable option than single use batteries. ALDI’s exclusive range of ActivEnergy batteries includes AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and rechargeable batteries.  

Want some more good news about our batteries?

Our everyday range of standard batteries are now packaged in paper instead of plastic! That's approximately 17 tonnes of plastic avoided each year. 

You can learn more about our efforts in Reducing Plastic

Frequently Asked Questions

You can recycle your household batteries at every ALDI location around Australia. Look for the B-cycle drop-off point at the front of the store or ask an ALDI employee for assistance.

You can return AAA, AA, C, D and 9V batteries.

If you wish to recycle any batteries that are not covered by the scheme, including car batteries or other sizes that have not been mentioned above, please visit to find your nearest recycling drop-off point.

Yes, lithium batteries are recyclable. To recycle larger lithium batteries, such as those that are used in electric vehicles, please visit to find your nearest recycling drop-off point.

Properly recycling batteries prevents them from ending up in landfill. This, in turn, stops nasty chemicals from leaking into the environment, harming local plants and wildlife and affecting surrounding soil or waterways.

Yes. The Battery Recycling Program is available for any battery brand. You can buy high quality replacement batteries from ALDI in both single-use and rechargeable types.

No. You are welcome to return as many batteries as you want, as long as they are AAA, AA, C, D and 9V. 

The batteries are collected by our specialist recycling partner for sorting and separation into their various grades. They are then processed to recover materials that can be used to manufacture new batteries or be used in the production of other steel products.

 Customers wishing to return larger battery sizes, should visit B-cycle website at