Caterpillar Sandwich Recipe

How to make a Caterpillar Sandwich


  1. Wash your produce and pat dry. Using a small, round scone cutter (or small, round cookie cutter), cut 2 circles per slice of bread.
  2. Cut the slices of swiss cheese and set aside. Slice the apple, pear, cucumber and tomato.
  3. Cut celery into 2 slim, 5cm sticks to use as the antennae. Cut the top and bottom of the radish and leave a small piece for the caterpillar ‘head’.
  4. Use a metal straw to make holes in the apple, pear and strawberries. Swiss cheese will already have holes, but you can cut your own also.
  5. Spread cream cheese onto the bread circles on both sides and assemble the caterpillar, starting with bread, tomato, cucumber, cheese, apple, pear, etc or use the photos as a guide.
  6. Place onto a flat plate. Use cream cheese on first sandwich round. Insert the celery antennae and place the radish ‘face’ next. Use the cream cheese to dab the eyes on and top with the green peas.
  7. Garnish with kale or curly parsley. Add extra slices of cheese, pear and apple. Enjoy!

Tip: You can add anything to your caterpillar sandwich. Try apple, pear, cheese and almond/peanut butter, or you can add ham, cheese and tomato. 

Option: You can substitute parsley and kale garnish for shredded lettuce also.

Recipe: Courtesy of Kelly – ALDI Test Kitchen