Healthy Lunchbox Week 4 - 10 February, 2024

Make informed choices for your Lunchbox

Did you know children consume around 30% of their daily food intake at school? Most of this comes from the contents of their lunchbox. What children eat during their day at school plays a crucial role in their learning and development.

Fact Sheets

Lunchbox food plays a critical role towards children’s ability to concentrate, learn and play. Nutrition Australia , as part of their Healthy Lunchbox Week, has created various fact sheets and guides to educate and inspire. Some of our favourites are below.

Find out how to make healthier lunchbox swaps or learn how to get the kids involved. Get lunchbox inspired and learn how to combat waste. Download the fact sheets below.

Need more Inspiration?

What do primary school kids need in their lunchbox? What do high school kids need in their lunchbox? Need to know more? We’ve got you covered. Watch these videos on lunchbox hacks for ideas and more.

Sometimes the kids do want to get involved in making their own lunches, which is great. Healthy Lunchbox Week aims to share some visual inspiration for just these occasions. Watch these videos on sandwich ideas, below.

If you’re planning for a week’s worth of lunches and considering how to include the five food groups, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Remember, creating a nutritionally balanced lunchbox doesn’t have to be hard.   The Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council also has some ideas for you, with their Five Days of Sandwiches for inspo. Plus if you’re wanting tips on how avoid soggy sandwiches, or create balanced sandwiches, they have a great article here.

Even More Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Head over to Healthy Lunchbox Week for more fact sheets, videos, recipes and guides . You can also check out the Cancer Council’s Healthy Lunch Box , it also provides an interactive tool for healthy lunchbox swaps. As heavily processed foods can sometimes sneak into lunchboxes, using this tool helps you learn about some healthier swaps.

Want your very own healthy lunchbox e-book, filled with need-to-know info and a selection of recipes and tips in one handy guide?

Great, we do too - download the Healthy Lunchbox Guide e-book to help you stay on top of healthy lunchboxes all year round.

Learn more about how diet is essential to a child’s physical and mental wellbeing, growth and development. Plus tips on how to balance the lunchbox with the five food groups.

According to the Cancer Council, children eat more than 2,500 lunches during their school years, so it’s important to ensure the lunchbox is providing them with the nutrients they need to learn, play and grow. Watch the video to see how to pack a healthy lunchbox. Or try their Lunchbox Builder today.

Ok, so you’re now armed with some tips, ideas, recipes, and information. If you want to get to know how to read nutrition labels on packaged foods, to help you make informed choices, check our Understanding Nutrition Labels page for more. Or see our pages on Healthy Eating for Kids for more tips and information.

ALDI is a proud supporter of Healthy Lunchbox Week, running from 4-10 February this year. Healthy Lunchbox Week is an initiative of Nutrition Australia that aims to inspire Australian families to create healthy and enjoyable lunchboxes. Initiatives like Healthy Lunchbox Week are important, to help educate families and provide inspiration for a healthy lunchbox.

Occurring at the start of Term 1, Healthy Lunchbox Week provides timely information for families as they return to the routine of daily lunchbox packing.

It also supports schools and teachers to share healthy lunchbox messages within their school community and provides inspiring lunchbox ideas, recipes, fact sheets and videos too. They also aim to share awareness of lunchbox hygiene and safety as well as explaining balance across food groups.