Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta Recipe

How to Make Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta


  1. Cut 500g of chicken thigh fillets into sliced pieces
  2. Place chicken into frypan and brown until cooked
  3. At the same time that you are cooking the chicken place 300g of Penne pasta into boiling water and cook.
  4. While the chicken is frying and the pasta is cooking, slice the sundried tomato and shallots
  5. Take chicken off the stove once it is cooked
  6. Sautee the mushrooms in the frypan for 1-2 minutes in ½ tablespoon of pesto
  7. Drain the penne pasta into a colander once cooked and place back into a large saucepan
  8. Add cooked chicken, sliced sundried tomatoes and shallots, 300mls of thickened cream, 4 tablespoons of pesto and mix on a low heat until combined.
  9. Once fully combined serve to eat
  10. Garnish with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

*Recipe courtesy of ALDI Mum